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austria-populationThis article contains information about the current population of Austria, its historical population, and its largest cities. It also contains ethnicity, religion and language demographic data. Just scroll down for more information.

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If you were in Austria instead of the US, you would have 49% more chance of being employed and spend 46% less on health care. Tweet

There isn’t an official population figure for 2014. Applying a fairly average annual increase, it would be safe to assume that the population will be around 8.5 million this year. Other estimates, which aren’t based on the census data, suggest that the population is lower, however. The CIA Factbook, for example, estimated that in July 2012, there were 8, 219, 743 people living in Austria.

austria-population-2014The largest city in Austria is Vienna. According to the 2011 census, the capital city is home to 1, 724, 381 people. Other major cities in Austria (cities with more than 100, 000 residents) include Graz (264, 351) Linz (190, 802), Salzburg (148, 236) and Innsbruck (121, 076).

A census is held in Austria every ten years. The first census to cover the entire country was undertaken in 1869, although less comprehensive censuses had been held previously. The 1869 survey revealed that the Austrian population at the time was 4, 497, 880.

Since 1869 a census has been held every ten years or so, and from 1951 have been held on a regular ten year schedule. The number of people living in Austria has grown fairly steadily since then – only two surveys showed a decrease in population – between 1910-1923 and between 1934-1939. You can see a historical archive of Austrian census data here.

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