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Bernd Ebersberger – University Business Cooperation in Austria

Is there a lot and systematic bridging activities between universities and businesses in Austria? Well, from an innovation systems point of view one would expect that there is. At least from a normative point of view there should be. Knowledge exchange between business and university does not only increase the economies innovation capabilities, it also helps universities to define their role and to fulfill their third mission. But the reality is somewhat more sobering.

The report on “the State of University-Business Cooperation in Austria“, which I had the pleasure to contribute to, has be release recently. In particular the study finds that there is a lack of commitment to university-business cooperation in Austria. The most developed form of university-busines interaction is collaboration and commercialization of R&D. University management and academics perceive the barriers to cooperation between universities and industry differently. Both believe to extract rather low benefits from university-industry cooperation.

Oxford University Press Young Ludwig: Wittgenstein's Life, 1889-1921
Book (Oxford University Press)

Hey! romance one. average age women marry!

by -

UN Statistics Division (1999) ....1999 so kinda old
Average age at first marriage for women by country
#1 Sweden: 31.4 years
#2 Denmark: 30.1 years
#3 France: 29.5 years
#4 Spain: 29.4 years
#5 Norway: 28.6 years
#6 Australia: 28.6 years
#7 Finland: 28.3 years
#8 Netherlands: 28.3 years
#9 Switzerland: 28.2 years
#10 Ireland: 28.2 years
#11 Germany: 28.2 years
#12 Austria: 27.9 years
#13 United Kingdom: 27.7 years
#14 Canada: 27.4 years
#15 Japan: 27

Good article on why Austrians are so fucked up

by snakeskin7

"There is also the country's apparent problem with institutional racism. There is concern over a number of deaths and injuries in police custody of foreign nationals. (There have been no convictions; Amnesty International has made a formal complaint.)
There is a petit bourgeous formality in Austria, a hangover from imperial times, an assumption that a respectable member of the community - a lawyer or engineer, for example - could never be the author of a serious crime

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